We have all seen the jaw-dropping spending going on in Washington over the past year. Big Government is getting even bigger, all at the people's expense - and the expense of our children.  At the state level, we have seen Missouri public servants swayed by special interest groups and corruption. It is business as usual for some in Jefferson City - and it has got to stop!

 I am running for State Representative in Platte County to fight against this arrogance that has found its way into our government.  It is an arrogance that has caused the People to rise up in protest against the deaf ear of our leaders who insist to spend our money like drunken sailors on every pet project that comes their way.

 Without a doubt, a battle is raging at this moment for fiscal responsibility.  Most in Washington, and even some in Jefferson City, believe that it’s only wrong to spend money if the other party is in power.  The idea that you should only spend what you have is totally lost on many of our elected officials.  Deficit spending has become the norm, and wise use of the People’s money is a thing of the past. 

The conflict also rages between those who want big-government bureaucratic control of our daily life and those of us who want a government that knows its limits, between those who do not care about how much government spends, so long as they are the ones benefitting, and those of us who think it is wrong to pass debt on to future generations.

 Not only are we fighting against huge-deficit spending and big-government intrusion, we are also up against those who mock us because we are traditional and want to raise our families in a moral society that values life and liberty.  As you know, traditional values are being attacked from all sides.  Even our government seems to be doing everything it can to undermine those values that have made us great as a Nation and that have allowed us to prosper as a freedom-loving people.

Because the stakes are so high for our country, I feel called to fight this battle; and I believe that I have the qualifications to be an effective voice for common sense and to be a true public servant in Jefferson City.  Early on, I learned the importance of hard work, responsibility, and service to our community.  My education has provided me with the tools to understand the complex world we live in today; and my experience as a prosecutor has given me the ability to quickly identify smoke and mirror tactics, passionately advocate for the truth, and most importantly, never waiver in a cause that is just and right.

Please join me in this fight of utmost importance: our future as a nation, a state, and a people.